Christmas Traditions Around th...

Dec 19, 2014 by

Christmas is probably the time of year when, certainly in the West, there is an overwhelming plethora of traditions and practices that each culture likes to embrace. Many are similar but there is also a huge range of completely different ones.

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Was Jesus really born on the 2...

Dec 20, 2013 by

Was Jesus born on December 25? There is no real evidence for this date. So then we must ask is, who and when was it decided that Jesus’ birth would be celebrated on this date? Secondly when was it really ?

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The Winter Solstice

Dec 21, 2012 by

What is a solstice and what are it’s roots in pagan rituals ?

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Santa’s Reindeer

Dec 18, 2012 by

It may surprise you to know that Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is not all that he seems. Here we discuss the origins of the most mercurial of all Santa’s reindeer.

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Krampus – The ‘Ant...

Dec 14, 2012 by

Meet a new and disturbing character to add to the pantheon of Christmas mythical beings … Krampus!

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Thanksgiving – An Americ...

Nov 16, 2012 by

Thanksgiving is a traditional feature of North American life. We explain the history and origins

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