How the Ancient Romans built t...

Jun 27, 2014 by

How on earth can Ancient Romans have built our modern railway system ? We take a side-ways look at this claim.

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Some more historical myths deb...

Nov 6, 2012 by

Every nation has its favourite tales from the past, but how accurate are they? A lot of what we ‘know’ to be historically true can sometimes turn out to be no more than a perpetuated historical myth. We look at a few here.

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Roman Alderney – ruin fo...

Oct 23, 2012 by

Up until 2011 virtually no trace of Roman occupation or influence had been found in Alderney. That all changed when one of the best-preserved Roman military structures in the world was found.

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Roman Guernsey

Jun 22, 2012 by

Contrary to to popular belief the Romans didn’t call Guernsey Sarnia. It is likely that the name they gave it was Lisia.

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Cement and Concrete

Mar 16, 2012 by

Concrete is not a modern material. Did you know the Romans used it? But who discovered it and how long ago was it used?

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Anno Domini – Origin of ...

Sep 30, 2011 by

Anno Domini or “the year of our Lord” is the dating system we use in the West and is all but the de-facto world standard...

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