Fireworks and Gunpowder

Nov 28, 2014 by

We all think we know how fireworks and gunpowder came about … but here we look at really how they came about.

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The Origin of Writing

Oct 31, 2014 by

Writing – The invention that enabled science and knowledge to flourish. However it seems that is wasn’t invented for prose or love poems or literature but for the more mundane and prosaic task of taxation and bookkeeping.

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The Origins of the Modern Mogg...

Sep 26, 2014 by

It may surprise you to know that the origin of the modern moggie, one of the mysteries of veterinary science, has only very recently been solved by researchers.

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The Fax Machine

Jan 31, 2014 by

Believe it or not, the fax machine was invented over 165 years ago ! In this article we look at how this irreplacable office tool came about.

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Who invented the comma ?

Jun 28, 2013 by

Such a small thing, as symbols go, but it can make all the difference in meaning and understanding when used in a sentence. But wher did it come from ?

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The Origin of Jeans

May 31, 2013 by

Jeans are a ubiquitous item of clothing these days with a multitude of styles and designs. But just who invented them and how did they become so popular ?

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