Mind & Body – Where...

Jun 24, 2011 by

The Mind-Body problem. One of philosophy’s great topics of conjecture and debate. How are mental phenomena explicable in terms of, or otherwise related to, physical states and events in the body ?

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Origin of Some Popular English...

Jun 17, 2011 by

The origins of a selection of some popular English expressions and sayings.

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The Bayeux Tapestry

Jun 10, 2011 by

The Bayeux Tapestry is probably the most important pictorial image of the 11th century. A beautiful piece of medieval art depicting a pivotal moment in Britain’s history.

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How To … Brew Mead

Jun 3, 2011 by

How to brew your own Mead at home.
… “things eveyone used to know how to do.”

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Bible Chronology after the dea...

May 30, 2011 by

What were the order of events following the death and resurrection of Christ as outlined in the New Testament book of Acts and the various letters of the disciples ?

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Winnie’s Wicked Wit

May 21, 2011 by

As well as being one of Britain’s greatest ever leaders Winston Churchill was endowed with a sharp wit and turn of phrase. His...

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